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Boards and devices prototyping

It is the most crucial and difficult phase, that links the design with the effective production. In this phase our aim is to validate the design and product engineering to meet the client’s expectations on production costs.

Thanks to our structure, we can face every problem about electronic boards prototyping, both in SMD and traditional technology, in a short time and high quality.

Boards and devices production using traditional or S.M.T. technology

The production structure is able to provide both, where the SMD component has priority. In our plant we have a dedicated area for boards assembly, with an automated line for components’ PHT welding in Lead Free, using double wave VITRONICS SOLTEC nitrogen atmosphere.

We also have and automated assembly line for SMD components that includes: Loader, screen-printing, P&P Siplace, carriage line with Stop&Go to inspect boards before using the heat treatment furnace; we have an Unloader to stack boards directly on the rack. Using this line, we can handle that primary-intermediate production that occurs before mass-production.

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We can handle different regulatory trials

The fundamentals of our corporate philosophy

To offer a complete service for our clients, we support after-sales needs, both on Hardware and Software.